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How To Tell If Your Tires Are Road-Safe And What To Do When You’ve Got Tire Trouble

How To Tell If Your Tires Are Road-Safe And What To Do When You’ve Got Tire Trouble

A black tire on a black car with silver rims on the road

Before you embark on that exciting road trip or even your daily commute, there’s a critical aspect of your vehicle that deserves your attention: your tires. We often take them for granted, but the health of your tires can significantly impact your safety and driving experience. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance oftire health, helping you identify when it’s time to call a tire service or consider tire replacement and why professional tire maintenance should be a priority. So, let’s hit the road and learn about the essential elements of tire health.

Tire Tread Depth for a Good Grip on the Road

Tire tread depth is a crucial factor when it comes to road safety. The tread is the pattern of grooves on the tire’s surface. These grooves are not just there for aesthetics; they serve a vital purpose. The tread provides traction and prevents your vehicle from slipping or skidding, particularly in wet or slippery conditions.

Here’s a simple penny test to measure if the depth is good enough to keep on going:

Take a penny and insert it upside down into the tread. You’ll know it’s time to consider replacing your tires if you can see Lincoln’s head.

Tire Pressure To Maintain the Right Balance

Ensuring your car’s tires have ample air is another aspect of tire health that’s often overlooked. Each vehicle has a recommended tire pressure, and it can vary. Having the correct tire pressure helps maintain the tire’s shape and ensures even wear. It also contributes to fuel efficiency and overall driving comfort.

A hand holds a tube to the tire valve to check air pressure in a silver car

Check your vehicle’s manual to learn what the optimum tire pressure is, and check it using a pressure gauge once a month. If it’s alarmingly low, it may be time to call a mobile tire service to check your tire for a puncture.

Beyond Tread and Pressure

In addition to monitoring tire treads and inflation, it’s essential to check your tires regularly for damage. Examine both the sidewalls and treads for scrapes, bulges,punctures, bumps,cracks, or cuts. Anything unusual should be taken seriously, as it could pose safety risks.

But tire health isn’t just about visible damage; it’s also about age. Bridgestone recommends vehicle owners remove tires ten years after the manufacturing date. Want to know your tire’s age?Check the DOT stamping,which you’ll find on the tire’s sidewall. In that 4-digit number,the first two digits represent the week in which the tires were made, and the next two represent the year.

Professional Tire Maintenance and Safety

Professionals in the tire service industry play a vital role in maintaining your tire health. They have the expertise and equipment to assess your tires properly. Regular tire maintenance ensures that any issues are identified and addressed promptly, preserving your safety and extending the lifespan of your tires.

A person in a blue jacket supports a tire while removing bolts

Scenarios Where You May Require Tire Service

When life throws unexpected curveballs your way, there’s one service you can count on,and that’s our roadside assistance in and around Colorado Springs. Here are some scenarios in which ourmobile tire servicecan help.

Punctured Tire

Whether you’re on a road trip or just navigating your daily commute, a flat tire can disrupt your day. However, with professional tire service, you can continue on your journey. Our expert technicians promptly assess the damage and put on your spare. This efficiency ensures you don’t have to wait around, helping you get back to your journey with minimal interruption.

Low Tire Pressure

The tire pressure warning light on your dashboard can be an unwelcome companion. Low tire pressure can significantly affect your vehicle’s performance, from sluggish acceleration to compromised fuel efficiency. A tire with insufficient air becomes less rigid and makes your engine work harder to maintain speed, causing it to consume more fuel. This decreased efficiency not only hits your wallet but also impacts the environment. Whether you’re at home or require roadside assistance, our mobile tire service can figure out the cause and help you change your tire if needed.

Damaged Sidewall

Your tires face challenges on the road, and sometimes, it’s more than just punctures. An accidental brush against the curb or contact with sharp objects can result in a weakened sidewall. The sidewall is a crucial component of your tire’s structural integrity, and any damage can pose a significant safety risk. Without professional tire service, identifying the extent of sidewall damage can be difficult.

A red van parked on the street with a flat front tire

Uneven Tire Wear

Uneven tire wear isn’t just an aesthetic concern; it can signal more substantial issues in your vehicle. Misaligned wheels or suspension problems are common culprits behind this irregular tire wear. If left unattended, uneven wear can lead to premature tire replacement and compromise your vehicle’s handling. Our professional tire service team has the expertise to diagnose these problems and swap the worn-out tire with a spare so you can get to a workshop safely.

Tire Rotation

Your vehicle’s tires don’t wear evenly due to variations in weight distribution and driving conditions. As a result, some tires might wear out faster than others. Tire rotation is a critical aspect of professional tire maintenance. During this process, technicians skillfully swap the positions of your tires, helping ensure more even wear. This is an essential part of tire maintenance that every vehicle owner must schedule in their diary.

Tire Balancing

Have you ever experienced a disconcerting vibration through your steering wheel while driving? This sensation, along with uneven tire wear, can signal unbalanced tires. At Anthony’s Towing,we can tow your vehicle to a nearby workshop if your car doesn’t feel right. Alternatively, our tire servicecan put on a spare tire so you can drive yourself.

If tire balancing is required, expert technicians at an automotive workshop will use precision equipment to distribute weight evenly across your tires. This process results in a smoother and more comfortable ride, preventing you from feeling those unnerving vibrations.

A mechanic removes a tire from a light blue car while wearing gloves as his tools lay nearby

Emergency Roadside Assistance

A tire blowout can be a frightening experience, and it has the potential to bring your journey to an unexpected halt. During these dire moments, having access to emergency roadside assistance and tire service is nothing short of a lifesaver. A quick call to professionals at Anthony’s Towing, and we’ll race to your location with the necessary tools and expertise to address the situation. Whether you need your spare put on or a ride to the closest workshop, we’ll be right by your side.

Drive Without Any Fear With Anthony’s Towing

At Anthony’s Towing, we’re quick and reliable, so even if a tire’s deflated, your plans don’t have to suffer.

Whether you’re heading on a road trip or tackling your daily commute, tire health should never be ignored. Keep our contact details safe at hand in case you need mobile tire service, roadside assistance, emergency lockout services, or any towingor wrecker servicesin the Colorado Springs area.

Save our number now(719)-229-0831, and rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable journey ahead, even if you hit a bump on the way.