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Car Battery Problems and What To Do When You Encounter Them

Car Battery Problems and What To Do When You Encounter Them

If you own a car, you know how important it is to have a reliable and functioning battery. A car battery is responsible for starting the engine, powering the lights, and running your vehicle’s electrical systems. However, car batteries are not invincible and can fail or malfunction for various reasons. When that happens, you may find yourself unable to start your car or stranded, frantically calling for a towing service to get you off the road.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the common car battery problems and what to do when you encounter them. We will also show you how a towing company can help you with your car battery problems and how to keep your car battery healthy.

Common Car Battery Problems

Many factors can affect the performance and lifespan of your car battery. Some common car battery problems we see during our roadside assistance calls are listed below.

Low Or Dead Battery

A low or dead battery is when your battery does not have enough charge to start the engine or power the electrical systems. This can happen if you leave your lights on, use your radio or other devices when the car is off, or drive short distances that do not allow the alternator to recharge the battery. A low or dead battery can also be a sign of an old or worn-out battery that needs to be replaced. As part of our emergency roadside assistance, we can try jumpstarting your battery to get your wheels rolling again.

Corroded Or Loose Terminals

The terminals are the metal connectors that attach the battery cables to the battery. Corrosion is the buildup of white or blue-green substances on the terminals or cables that can reduce the flow of electricity and cause poor connections. Loose terminals can also cause the battery to lose contact with the cables and prevent the power from reaching the engine or the electrical systems. Corrosion and loose terminals can be caused by exposure to moisture, dirt, or acid leaks from the battery.

Faulty Alternator

The alternator is the part of the car that recharges the battery while the engine is running. If the alternator is faulty, it may not provide enough power to the battery or may overcharge it and cause it to overheat. A defective alternator can also damage other electrical components of your car, such as the starter, the ignition, or the lights. In this case, our tow truck can take you to the closest mechanic.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat or cold can affect the performance and lifespan of your car battery. High temperatures can cause the battery to overheat and evaporate the electrolyte, which is the liquid that enables the chemical reactions inside the battery. Similarly, low temperatures can slow down the chemical reactions and reduce the battery’s capacity and output. Extreme temperatures can also cause the battery to expand or contract and damage the internal components.

What To Do When You Encounter Car Battery Problems

If you experience any of the car battery problems mentioned above, you may be able to diagnose the problem to see what you need. You can do this by checking the battery’s voltage, looking for signs of corrosion or loose terminals, or listening for a clicking sound when you turn the key.

However, if you’re unsure what the problem is or how to fix it, the best thing to do is to call for roadside assistance.

Our towing company provides help to countless Colorado Springs drivers who encounter car problems on the road, including those related to the car’s battery. We can help you with a variety of car issues, including car battery problems.

Here are the ways that our tow truck can help you with your car battery problems.

Jumpstart Your Battery

If your car battery is low or dead, our towing experts can help you jumpstart your battery using our tow truck or a portable battery pack. This can give your battery enough power to start the engine and get you back on the road. However, this is only a temporary solution, and you should still get your battery checked or replaced as soon as possible by heading straight to a mechanic.

Tow Your Car To The Nearest Workshop

In case your car battery problem is too complex or requires professional attention, roadside assistance can help you by towing your car to the nearest mechanic. We’ll load your vehicle onto our tow truck and transport it to a reliable and trustworthy auto repair shop or one that you frequent yourself. We’ll make sure you and any passengers are comfortable or help you arrange for alternative transportation if needed.

How To Keep Your Car Battery Healthy

While car battery problems are inevitable, there are some things you can do to keep your car battery healthy and extend its lifespan. Here are some tips on how to maintain your car battery:

  • To prevent corrosion and improve the electrical connection, regularly clean your battery terminals and cables.
  • To avoid draining your battery, turn off any devices or systems that draw power from the battery when the car is off.
  • To keep your battery charged and prevent sulfation, you should drive your car regularly.
  • To protect your battery from heat or cold, park your car in a shaded or covered area whenever possible.
  • To avoid getting stranded or damaging your car, replace your battery when it shows signs of wear or failure.

Call Anthony’s Towing If You Run Into Car Battery Problems

At Anthony’s Towing, we’ve got a team of professional and reliable towing experts in Colorado Springs who offer roadside assistance, towing, fuel delivery, car lockout, and wrecker services. Whether you need a jumpstart, a tow service to the mechanic, or any other emergency roadside assistance, we’re here to help you out.

So, don’t let car battery problems ruin your day or your trip. Contact us between 6am and 11pm for dependable tow truck services.